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The Truth and Lies of Heavy Lifting

Women often believe that if they lift heavy they will get too muscular or even risk hurting themselves. At Capstone Fitness, we have a lot of strong women with sought after figures coming in and out of our doors that prove this is not true. If you’re not yet convinced, read further and we can finally put those weightlifting lies down to rest and pick up some facts to run with.

FALSE: Lifting heavy weights will make me bulky like a man. TRUE: Testosterone is the main hormone responsible for building muscle size. Men have more testosterone than women. In fact, on average adult males have testosterone levels that are about 7 - 8 times greater than in females. As a woman, your muscles will not be quadrupling in size any time soon unless you’re taking steroids, spending multiple hours a day training specifically for that goal, or have crazy genetics.Even female body builders who often want to bulk up have to spend years of their life training to achieve their particular aesthetic.

FALSE: Stay safe by using lighter weights and get longer, leaner muscles. TRUE: Using lighter weights for more reps can help you increase your strength endurance. However, doing this will not help you build muscle mass or really transform your body. Also, it is simply not possible to lengthen a muscle. In order to build lean muscle mass, you have to use heavier weights and use a lower rep range such as 6-12. If you don’t know the right amount of weight you’d like to start with it’s all trial and error. In order to find your desired weight, start light. If you have a personal trainer at Capstone, they will adjust this for you. However, during your timed rounds at Capstone boot camp, if you can easily complete 15 reps, then it is time to increase your weights. Start with one size up. Repeat this cycle until you find the right amount of weight that challenges you and allows you to keep good form but doesn’t completely exhaust you immediately.

FALSE: Cardio is the only way to lose fat. TRUE: Strength training will not only help you lose fat, it will also give you more definition, increased bone density, more lean muscle mass, better balance, agility, power, improved sleep, and even increase your BMR. Increasing your basal metabolic rate (BMR) means that even when you’re not working out you will be burning a higher number of calories throughout your day!

All of these benefits go a long way. Through hard work, dedication, and motivation you can achieve them with us at Capstone Fitness.

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