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The gym.

Many of you know that your trainers, like you, work out at Capstone Fitness with you all. We don't go to other gyms. We have always said if we found the need to work out somewhere else, then we would know that Capstone Fitness wasn't up to par and we would have to make changes. We all believe in our program and participate in it as well.

This weekend, we were out of town and decided to use the facility gym. It's been a while since we have been to another gym and it was an eye opening experience. While it was great to see so many people working out, we weren't expecting to see so many either meandering the gym not knowing what to do, hopping from cardio machine to cardio machine, performing exercises that would highly likely cause injury, or using extremely light weights and simply going through the motions without even putting any effort in. I will be the first to say, something is better than nothing (unless of course you are doing things that will cause injury). However, if you are going to put the time in, make it worth your while and have a routine where you will achieve desired results. If you are even slightly unsure or questioning what you are doing, please feel free to reach out to one of us, even if you are not currently a Capstone Fitness client. We are all board certified trainers. This is our profession and it is what we are here for.

Those of you that currently are Capstone Fitness clients, remember what you do isn't easy. It's not supposed to be easy. You were designed to be amazing. Truly, I believe that. Never be satisfied and never get comfortable. If you find yourself getting into a rut or find yourself unmotivated, reach out. We are here for you. We all have these moments and it's totally okay as long as you don't stay there. Remember, there is a reason behind everything you do. Stay consistent, stay determined, fuel your body with only what it needs, and you will continue to see results and get stronger.

Let's make it a summer to remember...a summer where goals are achieved...a summer where we are our strongest (on all levels), to date. Let's make it a summer to be the best version of ourselves!

You are worth it.

To good health today and always,


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