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The First Step to Becoming is to Will It.

How many times have you invested into your fitness goals with the expectations to conquer them and it didn’t work out? Maybe it did work out. However, let me ask you this: have your results lasted or were they just temporary? Ultimately, your ability to succeed and maintain in fitness comes down to two things: do you have the tools you need to get to where you want to go safely and effectively and do you have the will? Let me explain further. As a personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist, I have “tools”. A few months ago I was much leaner as I was prepping for my first fitness competition. Fast forward to now, my body isn’t as good as a few months ago and I’m not simply referring to looks. I’m referring

to strength, body fat, etc. However, I am ok with it. So what’s the difference between then and now, because the tools I have now are similar if not better than what I had a few

months ago? Will. At one point in time I had the will to win a bodybuilding competition. I don’t have that same will currently. I still have the will to be healthy, have energy, and feel good and that’s where I am at today. It’s not the same will as when I was prepping. Unfortunately, sometimes we completely lose our will and that’s when all of those excuses arise and everything suddenly either comes to a halt or leads to a path going nowhere. We may not even realize we are making excuses, yet we are. We may want it, and even when we think we want it, we don’t want it bad enough to do anything about it.

So remember that question I asked above? Were your results temporary or did they last? You see, it will always be temporary without having will. You can spend an arm and a leg on a fitness program that will promise you the world but what is that program without that internal will that only YOU can create? It’s temporary. We may all go through different stages and seasons when it comes to our health and well-being like I described above. However, we should never lose sight of having the will to be healthy, the will to be fit, the will to have energy and feel good, the will to be the best version of you! As a trainer my heart overflows when I see our clients get the results they want, keep those results and a lot of times go even further than they ever thought they could go. However, we would be kidding ourselves if we told you it was all because of us. We provide the tools to get you there; you provide the continuous will. If you have that will, don’t ever let it go. If you don’t, seek and find! It is worth it. You are worth it. To good health today and always, ~Christina

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