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How Far Does Your Pendulum Swing?

Recently, several people have come to me regarding their previous constant “yo-yo’s” with nutrition and fitness. They are either all in or all out. Their pendulum swings too far.

It tends to be a thing in the new year. There are many people that take on ambitious tasks and when the task becomes too great, they stop dead in their tracks. This is one of the worst things you can do in health and fitness, because starting can often be the hardest part.

My advice for these people is to not let their pendulum swing so far. Listen, it’s awesome to have goals. BIG GOALS. I’m a promoter and believer. However, I’m not a promoter of completely stopping in your health journey regardless of whether goals are accomplished or not. We are all human. We are not perfect, and we will never be perfect ALL of the time. There will be moments, days, and even weeks where we just aren’t feeling it. Trust me, I have them too. However, slow down. Don’t stop. Don’t let your pendulum swing so far. Stay as close to the equilibrium as you can. Remember, fitness is a constant. Let’s stay steady and let’s make it the best, healthiest year yet!


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