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Tips To Get You Through the Holidays!

1.) Keep Your Routine

The holidays tend to be easier times for us to skip workouts because of all the things we cram onto our plates. Remember all of the benefits of working out and the importance of it, including reducing stress! An hour workout is only 4% of your day.

2.) Fill Up Before You Go Out

Between holiday parties and the endless food choices that seem to come out around the holidays, it is easy to get carried away. Fill up on a protein shake before you go out to help you from overindulging.

3.) Be mindful of your alcoholic beverages

A glass of champagne is 80 calories while a White Russian can be up to over 400. Choose wisely.

4.) Remember the 80/20 rule

It's okay to live a little!

There are times when we have goals that don't allow us to do the "20" but if you are 80% on point during the holidays, you are doing just fine!

Have a wonderful holiday season from everyone at Capstone Fitness!

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