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There are so many of us that look at exercise as a chore. Two years ago when my son was in the hospital, it was such an eye opening experience for us. It was a world that I had yet to see, where people are confined to small rooms or beds just fighting for their good health to return. I know I am not the only one who has experienced this and to this day know people who are going through it.

It was the longest time I had gone without exercising in a very long time and previously I had looked at exercise as a chore. Being there made me very aware that there are some that cannot exercise for different reasons. If you are physically able to exercise and you look at it as a chore, try changing your perspective on it. To me, it is a blessing. To have the opportunity to take care of my body is something I'll cherish.

The same goes for food. Do you view it as fuel for your body or do you turn to it for comfort or to relieve stress and anxiety? While I think it is great to enjoy food, you also want to make sure you are aware that it is fuel for your body. If you simply use food for comfort, enjoyment, to relieve stress etc., try changing your perspective.

Fitness isn't about being skinny. It's about strengthening your bones, blasting fat and enhancing muscle mass through weight training. It's about maintaining balance and agility that will come in handy as we age. It's about helping fight disease and high blood pressure. It's about feeling better and its about getting stronger both physically and mentally.

The new year marks a clean slate to set good habits, set and stay committed to new goals, and to be an even better version of ourselves.

Your Capstone trainers are here for anything you need so please feel free to reach out to us at anytime!

Let's make it a great one!



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