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Feeling unmotivated? Don’t worry, we ALL do at times.

Most of you know that I have been a trainer for 12 years. I’ve trained myself to compete professionally, as well as guided other women through the rigorous process. I’ve watched many people go through phases of being motivated and unmotivated, helped many people hop on the wagon, and seen some fall off. I’ve witnessed some sickness, but gratefully seen even more health. The list seems endless.


Your trainers here at Capstone can reiterate how important fitness is and the infinite reasons why weight training is so beneficial. We can remind you that if you don’t invest in your health now, you WILL be investing later with medical bills, doctors’ office visits, and so much more. And yet the truth is that many of you already know all of these things. If you don’t, feel free to reach out! It’s truly a privilege and honor to educate the willing as best we can!


Even with all this knowledge, there are still people that yo-yo, completely quit, or never even start in fitness.


And here comes the why…it’s NOT easy! 


Over the years I’ve had people tell me, “Well, Christina, you’re in the fitness industry - this is easy for you,” or “you have to do this because you’re a trainer,” or many other comments along those lines. To which my natural response is "absolutely not!" I’m human just like you. We’re all human, and we all fall short at times. Sometimes I’m in the gym so much that working out is the last thing I want to do, even though it’s my profession. I know the benefits and I do it anyway. So if you think you’re the exception, that’s simply not true. Even the people dedicated to coming to the gym 4/5/6 days a week (and there are so many of you that do!) have many days when they feel like hitting the snooze button. The difference is that they don’t! They keep being consistent, because they value taking care of their bodies as much as they value keeping their job and earning a living, or getting out of bed to raise their kids/grandkids, or partaking in whatever stage of life they may be in.


The same holds true for nutrition. So many dedicated people will check off every task that their job entails and be diligent workers in order to keep their job and earn their income - because one way or another, we all need to make money to simply survive. However, when it comes to feeding and fueling our bodies, we don’t want to properly fuel it. Or we fuel it with junk, or we over-fuel it, etc. We shouldn’t forget that our bodies allow us to earn income, take care of our children, or fulfill whatever desires and necessities we have in life.


Team, it’s difficult. None of it’s easy. But is your job easy? Is raising children easy? Laundry? Keeping up a house? If your answer is yes, let’s have a talk! ;) We all know that if we don’t take care of those things, everything goes to shambles and the same holds true with not taking care of your body. The beautiful part of actually taking care of your body though, the very thing needed to do the above, is if it’s firing on all cylinders, everything required of it becomes easier because you’re not just physically stronger, you’re mentally stronger.


There is no amount of motivation or Instagram posts that will keep you in the game. It’s DISCIPLINE. It’s the same discipline you have in your job, the same discipline you instill in your children, and the same discipline that you have in order to wake up and brush your teeth every morning. And when you implement the discipline, it becomes a habit. When these habits form, you reap the rewards because now you have consistency.


So, if you’re already a “doer,” keep doing. If you’re a “yo-yo’er,” consider the negative impacts on your health. If you’re so unsure about fitness and nutrition that you don’t even know where to begin, just start with something small.


We are here to help always and forever on your fitness journey! Let’s go!





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