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The Waiting Game

It’s that time of year when we are all getting ready for vacations, festivals, days at the beach, pool parties, weddings, graduation parties…the list goes on and on. We want to look our best and feel our best. We all tend to work out a lot harder when we have something to work for. Just this past week alone, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked “can I be ready by <date>?”

I haven’t told very many, but this past January I decided to enter a fitness competition. I have a “<date>” and it’s approaching quickly. Yes, I have decided to do this for the very first time at 35 years old and 2 kids later. Sometimes I question why on earth I would enter, but then I immediately question why I wouldn’t. I needed a new goal. I am blessed with this healthy, able body. Why not see what I can do with it?

I can tell you that over the course of this process, I have obsessed over weight, stepped on the scale several times a day, wondered when things would change, wanted to throw in the towel, wanted to devour my kids Easter baskets while they were at school, came up with excuses to quit, came up with more excuses to quit, and repeatedly questioned if I could even do this. Why? There are several little reasons but the main reason that has the ability to stop us dead in our tracks is RESULTS. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stepped on the scale, measured body fat, looked in the mirror and thought “Where are my results?” Hard work pays off, right? Yep. No one ever said it pays off immediately though and sometimes when we think payment is due, we just don’t get it. It takes time. Results take time. I already know this, yet this whole process has been a huge reminder for me.

Just because you look in the mirror or step on the scale and don’t see what you are looking for, don’t quit. Keep moving forward because you WILL get what you are looking for if you keep doing what you are supposed to be doing. The “instant gratification” that usually never takes place is what kills us. It can derail our train. Long lasting results take time. It takes effort. It takes pure hard work. Whatever your goal is, keep going. It will be worth it.

To good health today and always,


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