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Christina is a certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting.

At a young age, Christina was involved in sports and began expressing an interest in health and fitness when she got into high school. During high school and college, she found herself spending countless hours in the gym doing mostly cardio and she never truly received the results she was looking for. 

Upon graduation from college, she began a career in accounting, where lots of long hours and month end closes became her excuse to stop exercising.  With her busy schedule, working out was on the back burner and she felt that it was no longer a priority.



After she married, two kids later, and watching her body go through many different transformations, she was determined to get back into shape. Being married to a personal trainer, she learned that you don’t have to spend long hours in the gym to achieve results. With a baby and toddler at home, and limited time, she began understanding how to work out efficiently and effectively. That combined with proper nutrition, she started obtaining the results she was looking for and felt better than she ever had. She knew at that time she wanted to help others as well and she began her career as a certified personal trainer. Christina has since helped numerous clients of all ages achieve their own personal fitness goals. She has also competed in an NPC bodybuilding competition and earned 1st place in bikini 35+ B class and has since taken several girls to the stage as well with the majority of them bringing home medals. Whether trying to lose weight, get stronger, gain more energy etc., she believes everyone deserves to feel good. She feels anyone can achieve anything they want to with the right mindset and the proper tools.

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